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Charles Erize P. Ladia | 21 | Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines |University of the Philippines Diliman - BA Speech Communication |

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It has been a long hiatus from movie watching since I forced myself to not watch anything or not do anything that would keep me away from doing my thesis. But since it was semestral break, my cousins and I decided to kick it off by watching a movie together.
I think, one important thing to consider when planning what to wear on a movie date is how comfortable do you want to feel and who are your moviedate company. All of them are my cousins and the film to watch is a romantic comedy, so I decided to wear something very laid-back.

I wore a simple white printed shirt, a bluish bleached pants, black socks, and dark blue topsider shoes. To wrap up the casual laid-back wear, I brought my beige bag which brings a lot of my essentials for this moviedate.

I folded the pants so that people can see my black socks. I love to wear long socks because it lets me feel that I am back in grade school plus it gives your legs a longer look. Haha.
Before we got home, I took a picture beside a tomb which was a design of the mall.
Happy Halloween!